sábado, 26 de marzo de 2011

London - The hotel

The hotel was big. It was next to a disco. The hall had a big lift. In the entrance there was a restaurant.
In the hotel there was a swimming-pool but there wasn’t a jacuzzi. In the hotel there was a dining-room but there wasn’t theater.
Our room was nice and comfortable. It had three beds. We could see the tower of London.
In the  bedroom there was a TV and opposite the T.V. there were the beds.
In front  of the terrace there was a wardrobe.
Lucía had many clothes and the wardrobe looked like it was going to explode.
The TV had a T.D.T but it hadn’t a D.V.D .
The bathroom was very big and beautiful.
The terrace had a table, four chairs and flowers too .
In the terrace we saw Hyde Park but it was very far.



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